Reintroduce Hope into Your Life with ‘The Life of A 13-Year-Old Expatriate’

About Author

Amal Mohamud Shiek Yusuf was born in Somalia on August 12th, 1976, with a mother and father hailing from the Ogaden region of Somalia, or the Horn of Africa.
From a very young age, Amal had more responsibilities than any girl her age. She took care of her siblings, studied as well as she could and took care of the house chores as an adult would. She never got to live her childhood but it was that exposure that made her what she is today. She was the president of the Somalian Women’s Association and enabled many women make a name for themselves.

About The Book

Some journeys give the readers hope and this is what this book intends to do. This book takes you to a journey of Amal’s life and the people around her. The readers experience the twist and turns in Amal’s life and how she uses all her disadvantages to her gain.
It’s a book that makes you experience emotions, powerful and scary.

Dedicated to the Readers

After the unprecedented success of ‘The Life of A 13 Year Old Expatriate,’ Amal Yusuf is immensely grateful to her family, friends, and editors. She has dedicated this book to all the people who have found hope after reading her story.

The author aims to bring forth more inspirational stories from her life to help people find hope and peace and direct their struggles for their gain. Keep visiting the website for further updates.


It was a wonderful journey that this book took me on and I regret that it ended. I, like many readers got to learn a lot from this book but the most important lesson that I take from this is to turn a disadvantage to a gain by learning through it.


I will wait for more books from her because everything in this book was very relatable to me. I admire Amal for many things but what blows me away is the sheer strength she exhibited throughout.


It was a tear jerking experience but I loved every word of it. I wish I can read more of her work.


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Our Success Story

Amal Yusuf’s success story is pricelessly rare because, unlike other triumphant life stories, hers does not involve any external help. After her father’s demise, she survived in this chaotic world. Her struggles are an inspiration because they helped her shape her life and direct it on the pathway of success.

Her success story is an inspiration for everyone struggling to find their way. It is rooted in reality and speaks the language of ordinary people. This makes her life worthwhile to read for everyone who wants to reintroduce hope and use it to find success.

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